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Monday, May 21, 2012

Whew! I'm Back!

Hello ladies! After an almost two year absence, I'm back!

There were lots of things keeping me from posting (mainly my lack of inspiration/motivation), but I promise that I will not leave you all for that long ever again!

Now, if I recall correctly, I was going to do spotlights on each body type as a monthly update. Since I know the most about my own body, I'll start with my body type- hourglass/apple combination.

Me, as Christine Daae, of Phantom of the Opera fame.

  This body type can be hard to dress- we have the right curves in the right places, but our bellies prevent us from doing all the sexy cosplays we want. Well, there are ways to cheat the system, if you're willing to be just a bit uncomfortable.

First, ladies, if you have curves and a big belly, wearing a gown that poofs at the bottom (think Princess Peach or Madam Red's gown from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) is a huge help. That's where a large skirt comes in. The poof will extend beyond your stomach, giving you the illusion that you're thinner in the waist.

Like this. I actually had to look twice before I realized she was plus-sized.

Secondly, corsets, cinchers, and body shapers will also help flatten that pooch. They're tight and can get uncomfortable when you wear them for a long period of time (sitting is the worst, in my opinion- you cannot slouch in the things!), but they're efficient and can work wonders for straightening the line of your figure. You can order them online, get them at conventions, or, like me, even find them at Wal Mart! I have a belly-and-thigh smoother I absolutely adore that I bought there and I use it for just about every costume I wear.

Finally, DO NOT WEAR TIGHT- OR ILL-FITTING CLOTHES. A tight-fitting fabric will cling to everything, and I mean everything, and let's be honest here, nobody wants to see that. It's not classy and disrespects you, your body, and the character you're attempting to portray. If you're insistent on tightness, then go for a dress that fits tightly across the bust and flows around the bottom.

That's all for now- happy cosplaying, ladies! Til next month!

P.S.- feel free to send me a message with any questions or comments you may have!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Your Body, Your Costume, and You- Post One: Understanding Your Body Type

Hello ladies and welcome to the first official post for Hourglass Cosplay!!

Today we are going to take about body types, since you must understand and determine your own body's shape before looking through here for costumes. Shall we begin?

There are four basic body types: banana, pear, apple, and hourglass. Of course, most women possess variations of these body types, due to fat and muscle distributions. I will be making costume suggestions based off of these four body types in future posts, so be sure to look out for them!!
Body Type One: Straight/Ruler/Banana
Straight body types tend to distribute any weight gain evenly throughout the torso, giving it that rectangular shape. Women who are also petite give off the image of being childlike or sprightly- opening up tons of ooportunities in the cosplay world! However, not being petite doesn't mean that you can't cosplay petite characters; it'll just be a little more difficult.
Kuchiki Rukia would be a straight body type.

Body Type Two: Apple

Apple body types tend to have bigger breasts due to a large amount of weight being placed in the bust area, and smaller hips. This is another easy-to-dress body type, due to the anime community's fascination with large breasts. Apple shapes also tend to have a little more weight in the tummy area, but if you choose your costume carefully, you shouldn't have much of a problem!

Shiba Kuukaku is a prime example of the apple body type.

Body Type Three: Pear/Bell

Pear shapes tend to have large hips and smaller breasts due to the weight distribution focusing on the buttox and thighs. That's not saying that Pear shapes don't have breasts at all- the breasts are just smaller in conjunction with the hips. This body type is a little more difficult to dress, but it most certainly can be done!
Chun Li from Street Fighter is a good example of a pear shape.

Body Type Four: Hourglass
This body type is considered the Western ideal as far as body types go. Only 8% of the female population actually have this body type in the correct proportions ( most of them being models... The "perfect" body is 34-24-34 in [86-60-86 cm] and at least 5' 8" tall, acording to the British Association of Model Agents). However, since there are plenty of curvy women in both anime and real life, this is another body type that is easy to dress!

Jessica Rabbit embodies the hourglass shape perfectly.

... And those are the four main body types! I hope this helped you understand that it's not just the costume and attitude that make the cosplay- your body has a role to play, too!!!

Until next time my lovelies,

The Book Ninja

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome to Hourglass Cosplay!

Welcome! This is Hourglass Cosplay.

I am your host, the Book Ninja and I run this place. I'm happy you're here. You probably found us either through a friend's recommendation or through the pursuit of the elusive "perfect" cosplay. Let me tell you now that cosplaying takes a lot of time and effort and that finding a costume that suits both your personality and body type is one of the most important decisions!

This is where I -and this blog- come in. Hourglass Cosplay was made with every single unique body type in mind. From curvy to stick-thin, I will try my hardest to make sure that you can cosplay as well as the pros!

That's all I can come up with for now (wasn't much of a speech, was it? ^^;;;), but please check back for updates on body types and their corresponding cosplay costume options!

Until then,

The Book Ninja